“In the 11th hour of a propriety rights lawsuit, legal maneuvering had us buried in paperwork. The trial date was pending. My wife and I were defending our little company against a very large legal outfit in Palo Alto, hired by a former employer. They spent almost a million dollars to defeat us. We didn’t have anywhere near that kind of money. Then we discovered Grant. What a blessing. He not only returned our confidence and sense of humor, he beat them into submission. The case settled 18 hours before the trial was set to begin. The plaintiff (them) paid the defendant (us). We won without a trial. Even the judge smirked when he said it. Our life is back on track and better than ever. We are forever grateful to J. Grant Kennedy. Thank you! (true exact quote, name withheld as an unrequested courtesy to the client, whom I also thank for the honor of representing them in their time of need). r paragraph here.

       Grant works on major business litigation and trial matters. His focus is taking on good business cases and making them affordable to win. 

    For over 30 years, Grant has had a passion for litigation and trial.  Lawyers call him a day, a week, a month or more before trial to give them a hand and take the lead in trial, after they have worked the case up. It doesn’t matter what the type of law or issue,  be it wills and trust, product liability or wrongful death, A to Z,  he has tried it.

    Check his results and resume. Coming in at the last minute, has taught him a unique perspective to arrive at the Kennedy Method, a way to minimize cost and expense and make justice more affordable. 

     He also formulated and started Los Angeles Trial College, a program for lawyers to learn by doing.  And he consults with lawyers and the public on legal teams and how to minimize fees and costs. Grant works with you. So this site is meant to help you.  There is a building body of information and video hopefully to  help you. Gerry Spence taught that it is a duty to learn and  share knowledge.  Some people believe they are born to be king, Grant believes that he born to help people and make a difference.  All the best to you. 

Simply stated, if you need a champion,

call J Grant Kennedy 

Looking for                                            ?  Thank you contacting my firm. You landed at the right location. Let me please share with you my experience, as one of the most experienced trial attorneys in the nation. I personally guarantee that in addition to unbeatable real experience we offer,  we  also provide the lowest hourly fees over any of our comparable competitors. Low hourly rates and a small contingency to reward us for the great job we anticipate doing for you and payable only if we do win you money. This way you get an affordable option to justice. Too many times clients have came to me and they are broke after spending tons on getting nothing done but paper waste.  I am a lean litigator, because I cut the waste based on my experience. I know what is needed at the end. I throw punches that count. The opposition will value my experience in settlement and that is why lawyers for over 30 years have called me in at the last minute to try and/or settle their cases. Numbers change by the oppositions perception of facing one of the most experience trial attorneys in the nation, with record verdicts, it is a lesson that has been taught in the past, to my opponents, anything can happen at trial. Their worst night mare can come true. Understand please,  settlements are higher with a veteran proven trial lawyer than with a lawyer with no real courtroom experience who is likely to take whatever they offer on the court house steps because they have no experience. You deserve the best, and we make it affordable for you to do so with our low hourly and percentage fee structure. 

Please feel free to call and/or text me on  my cell phone so I can get right back to you. My number is 213.220.2521. Thanks. 

Free video part one on information about fees and the legal market. J. Grant Kennedy is no longer a partner with Kennedy Kamrowski and that firm will not be a part of your case. But video gives you a chance to see who I am and what I do and learn about the process of hiring an attorney. Good free information for your journey.  Take your time, information is power, if used. 

Part 4, Video, options in selecting a lawyer. .

Part 2, Video on selecting a lawyer

New-creative options for you.

Part 3, Video, things to consider in selecting  your lawyer. 

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