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       Reality is in life there are people and companies that will wrong you, cheat, and/or injure you. Most likely the police and/or government can or will do little. You are left on your own. You may think you are going to hire the biggest most expensive law firm in the game and you quickly go deeper in the hole with the cost and expense of paying for overhead and lawyers who think a bunch of paper will slow you down and you will quit. Many of my clients come from that scenario. A great case but past lawyers have done a great job of spending money and doing little else, but pushing paper. My clients can't and wisely learn there are other options. I partner with clients to provide a path to justice. I get to the end more than 99% of the attorneys in the nation. My clients also come from smart lawyer, who care greatly for their clients and realize, that like a general practicioner would refer to a surgeon, when it comes to doing trials, very few lawyers have the experience, the vast majority will not even do five jury trials in their entire career. Law School provides about 2 hours of instruction. It is like a pilot who has never flown and only learned from books. Don't be a passenger on that flight. 

      Think about this. Someone cheats or defrauds you out of say $4,000,000. How much will you, can you spend to get it back? They are holding your money spending it against you and many lawyers will play their game and you will be broke and willing to take chump change to get what you can. Be a champion instead. I work from the perspective of the end up front. Having done so many trials, I prepare for the end up front, knowing what I need from real experience, avoiding the typical lawyer waste, saving my clients a tremendous amount in fees,  What really counts is who  you walk into the courtroom with and their ability with 12 people and a judge. Experience teaches me to take whatever I have and make it explode for impact. The human element, the real element and mostly the truth. As you will see from my resume and results, my journey has been an exceptional commitment to being the best trial lawyer. Let me be your hero. Call or text me, my personal cell is 213.220.2521. I treat clients like family. Grant